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Hemel Hempstead

Community Fridge

Welcome to your community fridge! We provide a place where you can get good surplus food for free or donate food you know you won’t eat. Let’s put a stop to good food needlessly going to landfill and fill our bellies.


Saving food from landfill, and filling bellies!! 

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Did you know that the average family of four wastes £720 of food a year? And then there’s the businesses who have to adhere to stringent food guidelines, throwing away perfectly fine produce because they have had no alternative- now they do. This food does not have to be wasted- we can share it so it gets used. Let’s put a stop to good food needlessly going to landfill, fill our bellies and come together.

Our fridge is for everyone- come see what you can get!

If you would like to donate or volunteer please get in touch.

@HemelFridge is a non for profit community interest project run by Viking Community Fitness in conjunction with the Hubbub Foundation

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